Opioid use in pregnancy: the North Carolina grassroots response

  • In November 2012, a multidisciplinary workgroup of stakeholders from across the state came together to discuss opioid use in pregnancy.
  • The workgroup formed in response to the concerns voiced by many types of providers and communities and out of a desire to collaborate and coordinate efforts and responses.
  • Disciplines represented on the workgroup include obstetrics, neonatology, pediatrics, treatment for substance use disorders, social work, care management, behavioral health and pharmacy.


NC Opioid Use in Pregnancy Stakeholder Workgroup Key Messages

  • Workgroup members built consensus around key messages related to opioid use in pregnancy.
  • Key messages were developed with a focus on women of childbearing age who are taking opioids, pregnant women with opioid dependence, providers who care for these women, and providers who care for opioid-exposed newborns and their families.
  • For more info on members of the stakeholder workgroup click here.