NC Perinatal and Maternal Substance abuse and the CASAWORKS for Families Residential Initiatives

Introduction to Initiative by Jude Johnson Hostler, LCAS

The North Carolina Perinatal and Maternal Substance Abuse and CASAWORKS for Families Initiatives (Initiatives) represent a nationally recognized state-wide approach to the many social and health challenges associated with family addiction. It is comprised of 28 programs using evidence-based treatment models located in 13 counties across the state. The Initiatives include a robust effort for cross-service area referral so that no pregnant woman or woman with children seeking treatment and who is willing to engage in her own community, or move to another site in the state should her community not have services, need go without treatment. Women with substance use and associated co-morbidities are supported to engage with family-centered, gender-responsive treatment with their children.

Over 20 years of research show that women are motivated to engage with treatment and recovery by concern for their children or pregnancy but that they are often unwilling to seek treatment if it means leaving their children. The NC Initiatives address this by providing family-responsive care. All of the programs in the Initiatives are considered cross-service area, which helps to meet the need of pregnant and parenting women who do not have gender- or family-responsive treatment in their home communities. Through a capacity management system, health care providers, department of social services social workers, and treatment providers can refer women and their children to the services they need anywhere in the state. Women in need of services and their families can also access this system to identify appropriate treatment resources statewide.

Programs provide gender-responsive and family-centered services that include, but are not limited to:

  • Evidence-based behavioral health treatment services for pregnant and parenting women
  • Referral for and coordination with medical care for women
  • Arrangements for treatment and prevention services for children
  • Pediatric and developmental care for children
  • Job readiness and job coaching are key provisions in our 8 CASAWORK for Families sites which have a primary goal of self-sufficiency
  • Parenting education and support
  • Case management
  • Transportation services

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Connecting Women to Treatment in North Carolina

The NC Perinatal Substance Use Specialist at the Alcohol Drug Council of North Carolina, provides information and referral to alcohol and drug treatment for pregnant and parenting women. She can be contacted at 1-800-688-4232.

Local Management Entities-Managed Care Organizations (LME-MCO) provide telephone-based screening, triage, and referral to treatment for residents of their catchment areas. To determine which LMC-MCO to call for a county of residence, consult the listing available at:

Treatment resources can also be accessed here.